The History of Eszterháza

The settlement, which has been named Fertőd since 1950, used to be two separate villages. Süttör, the older one, which has been known since 1313, was a property of several noble families during the centuries: it has been ruled by the Kanizsai, then the Nádasdy. The Esterházy first acquired it in 1681 and after decades of leasing out, continually owned it since 1719. In 1720, Josef Esterházy had a 22-room hunting lodge built in Süttör, which was further expanded by his son Nikolaus "the Magnificent" Esterházy. The prince continued the construction until his death and founded Eszterháza west from the building complex by having the servants of the palace and the stone-masons settled there. The name of the village was first read in correspondence dated in 1765. The former Eszterháza and Süttör unified on 7th September 1950 under the name Fertőd. The settlement became a town in 1995.

Muzsikaház, Fertőd

Muzsikaház, Fertőd

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Famous person

  • IV. Miklós
  • Prince
  • Born:
    1869. július 5.
  • Died:
    1920. április 6.
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